The contents of each Little Brown Bag of Hope will be donated directly to the food bank of your choice. Each $10 Little Brown Bag of Hope will contain one of the following lunch product assortments:

  • (2) TOPS Macaroni & Cheese, (2) TOPS Tomato Soups, (1) TOPS Creamy Peanut Butter, (1) TOPS Applesauce, (1) TOPS Premium Chunk White Chicken, (1) TOPS Chunk Light Tuna in Water, and (1) TOPS Baked Beans
  • (1) Best Yet Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese, (1) Best Yet Green Beans, (1) Best Yet Sweet Corn, (1) Best Yet Applesauce, (1) Best Yet Chicken Noodle, (1) Best Yet Chunk Light Tuna (Best Yet Product Assortment to benefit Food Bank of NE NY and Vermont Food Bank)

$10 Little Brown Bag of Hope

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